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Oroflex Offshore

A very tough yet flexible polyurethane layflat hose designed to meet the requirements of many applications. Designed for the transport of hydrocarbons, MGS, ship to ship unloading, ship to shore fuel supply.


The method of construction does not allow corrosion and scale build up and the process forms a single homogenous construction without using glues and adhesives.

In addition, the very high abrasion resistance and resistance to cuts mean this hose will offer many years trouble free service life. No maintenance is required and with a 20% reduction in friction losses when compared with steel, this hose gives a quick return on investment.

Before using this hose ensure that hose is properly earthed and electrically tested. This hose must not be used where a non-conductive product is required.


Blue or black colour


-50°C to +50°C. Service temperature is -40ºC +50ºC (intermittent to +70ºC). Brittle point: -70ºC.


Suitable for PH values 4-9. Standard lengths are  200 metres, 100 metres and 50 metres. Tensile strength – 45 Mpa.  Elongation at break – 610%.


Polyurethane compatible with oils and fuels.


100% high tenacity polyester synthetic circular yarns. The textile is then fully encapsulated and protected by a through the weave extrusion process.


Service pressure is based on a 2:1 safety factor.


Fuel oils and hydrocarbons, dewatering operations, drinking water applications, refineries and chemical plants, brackish and seawater.


Electrical resistance –Two anti-static wires with a cross section of 0.5mm are embedded in opposing straps to the cover of the hose. Maximum resistance 70,000Ω/ft according to EN1765. Ozone resistance – no cracks after 96 hours at +40ºC and 100pphm ozone.

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