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In today’s world of rapidly changing innovation, manufacturers need to keep investing in people and technology. The factory recognises the need to be ahead of the game and has a dedicated design department whose brief is to push the boundaries of hose design technology. This often comes about via customer request or a totally new application. Over the years, we have significantly reduced the time from design concept to delivering working samples.

The factory itself has the very latest machinery installed and emphasis is placed on a very high level of quality control throughout all the production phases.


Oroflex hoses have been in continuous production since the 1950’s and we have learned many things on the way. This knowledge ‘database’ puts us ahead of other emerging manufacturers. Indeed, competition spurs us on to consider radical ideas and at the same time, continuously produce competitive products that are fully warranted and reliable.

Our mission is to make the best layflat hoses available on the worldwide market today and tomorrow.

Find out more by calling us on 01733 893 333 or emailing us at

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