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Why Use Oroflex?

The Oroflex hose range covers a wide choice of sizes and specifications and is designed for durability, superb performance and cost effectiveness.

When compared to using steel or aluminium piping, Oroflex hoses have many advantages. For example, long length production. Oroflex can be produced in continuous lengths of 200 metres and Flowstream can be supplied in 500 metre reels. This not only reduces the amount of couplings in a flow line but also reduces wastage if cutting into shorter lengths. Another distinct advantage is weight. When compared to steel, Oroflex hoses can be 70% lower in weight which helps reduce transport costs.


Unlike steel pipes, Oroflex does not suffer from scale build up or corrosion, so in well riser applications for example, allows a much longer period of service and importantly, keeps flow rates high with resultant efficiency savings.

Oroflex is made from high tenacity fibres that are spun into a yarn. The fibres used and the produced yarn will vary with size and Oroflex type. The yarn is then made into a ‘jacket’ which is the reinforcement of the hose. Again, depending on the type of Oroflex being produced, the method of weaving the jacket will vary. At the weaving stage, earthing wires can be included should these be required.


Once dried, the jacket is fed into the extrusion machine where both liner and cover are added. This creates a ‘solid wall’ hose where the liner and cover are embedded into the jacket. The hose is then vulcanised or stabilised depending on materials used and finally pressure tested.


Many applications require slight changes to the jacket or perhaps the rubber compound and these can be altered to suit. Indeed, the factory has its’ own rubber mixing plant so retains 100% control over all parts of production. Although made with modern looms and up-to-date machinery, Oroflex should be seen as a hand built hose making each length of Oroflex unique in its’ own way.


Finally, the hoses are branded with type and batch numbers for down line traceability. The manufacturing plant is certified to ISO9001 and we also have many international accreditations such as KTW and NSF.


From inception to packing, every single manufacturing process is controlled and checked by experienced operators and line managers.


The research and development department is constantly looking to improve any aspect of production. This may cover looking at new polymers or techniques and this allows the Oroflex product to constantly evolve. Everything we do means that we can offer our customers a world class product with full warranty and technical back up.

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