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Oroflex Well

Oroflex Well is an innovative flexible rising main system designed for use in ground water abstraction.

Developed by a team with over 40 years experience of producing extruded, circular woven polyurethane hoses.

Thousands of wells have been successfully installed worldwide using Oroflex Well hoses.

Oroflex Well has quickly gained worldwide acceptance as a reliable high quality product and is approved for use with drinking water by NSF of America and DVGW of Germany.

The proven design and performance of Oroflex Well ensures a trouble free and cost effective well installation for the pump installer.

Client benefits are many, from lower operating and installation costs to zero water contamination. In addition to these attributes, fast pump servicing (minimal headroom required) and a total resistance to corrosion, scaling and attack by micro organisms mean that Oroflex Well is the perfect partner for the well installer.




-35C to +65C


Highly specified Polyurethane hose designed for use as a well riser


Polyurethane special compound.  Highly resistant to chemicals and hydrolysis.  No scale build up and resistant to micro organisms. Cover has an in-built strip for cable attachment.


High tenacity circular woven polyester yarns.


High UV resistant cover. Resistant to abrasion and for use in rugged environments.


Designed as a first class well riser hose. All component parts are of the highest quality and standards to make this a stand out product.


Made in compliance to ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems.

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