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Oroflex Hydrochem

Oroflex Hydrochem© is a new layflat hose designed for the transfer of hydro-carbons and chemicals.


The use of high grade polyurethane gives excellent abrasion properties and superb resistance against many oils, greases and chemicals. A high tensile circular polyester reinforcement offers a very high tensile strength both axially and longitudinally. The circular jacket construction means that the hose behaves like a conventional hose under pressure but then be very compactly stored after use or on reeling systems. The four equidistant copper braided wires allow for earthing and provide anti-static properties.


Green, blue, NATO green.


-50°C to +60°C (Intermittent use +80°C).


Suitable for PH values 4-9. Supplied in coils of up  to 200m.


Polyurethane compatible with oils and fuels.


Circular woven high tenacity polyester. Extruded through the weave construction.


Oroflex Hydrachem will not corrode and has a very low friction loss resulting in a quick return on investment. Oroflex Hydrachem was formerly known as Oroflex 30 Oil.


Fuels and oils, chemicals, slurries and drinking water.


Electrical resistance – four copper braids having a cross section of 0.5mm2 and protected by a braided sheet of polyester yarn. Resistance not to exceed 70,000 Ω/ft according to EN1765. Ozone resistance – no cracks after 96 hours at +40°C and 100pphm ozone.

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